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    c0ban, a brand new service which combines ads and crypto currency (Japanese)

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    c0ban is the world’s first crypto currency tied up with entertainment and advertisement services from the beginning. Its application will be released on App store and Google play on January 2017. It aims at destruction and creation of advertisement market by taking advantage of micro payment feature of blockchain. The paper describes initial introduction of c0ban, its business model and update information from version 0.12 released on September 2016. Regarding to blockchain, Bitcoin technologies are applied on c0ban because of its stable performance. Enhancement has been done to fit c0ban business model.

    Noritaka Kobayashi, Ph.D

    Founder & CEO, LastRoots Co., Ltd

    He received Ph.D in Computer Science from Osaka University, 2002. His major was distributed comput- ing and software test efficiency. After graduation, he worked as a business consultant at Nomura Re- search Institute, Ltd. for nine years and business development executive at GREE Inc. for two years. He was engaged in starting up new businesses in IT & mobile as well as M&A. He established Diixi Pte.Ltd in 2012 and Yourwifi Pte.Ltd. in 2013 both

    in Singapore to acquire Asian market. The CHAOS ASIA which is an innovative pitch event, was produced by him in 5 cities world wide. He was selected as Asian entrepreneur by AsianEntrepreneur.org in 2015. Certified from Columbia business school, executive education program in 2008. He is also an associate professor at Business Breakthrough university since 2010. He will give lectures of ”block chain and Fintech” there from April, 2017.

    Yoshinobu Shijo


    Tech leader


    He was the top graduate of Department of Engineer- ing Science of Osaka Univeristy in 2014. After that, he received his M.E. degree in information science and technology in 2016 from Osaka University. His main research theme was information network, espe- cially topological analysis and improvement of Inter- net inspired by fractality of human brain functional networks. He is currently working at LastRoots Ltd.

    as technical leader and manager for c0ban and c0ban-related applications and services.

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    c0ban app

    The world’s first crypto currency tied up with entertainment and advertisement services from the beginning. Services available are now in Japan.

    c0ban exchange market

    Exchange market of crypto currency c0ban. c0ban can be exchanged with JPY as of March, 2017.

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